PACE group is an umbrella group headed by Dr. P.A. Ibrahim Haji as the Chairman. We manage a number of reputed educational institutions In India and abroad. We are dedicated to promote an effective learning environment that encourages excellence and diversity in thoughts and endeavour.

PACE Group currently manages 11 educational institutions with over 1,200 teaching staff; 500 non teaching staff and over 20,000 students from 25 nationalities. PACE Group propose to have many more modern educational institutions in view of the high demand from parents and the respect and reputation our institutions gained over the years.

The management also plans to establish its educational innovation wing with its own resource centre where action research will be conducted to solve the day to day problems related to teaching and learning process and to equip the teachers with the latest techniques in the field of education and ultimately empower teachers to make teaching more learner oriented and lively. The centre would endeavour to have qualitative Improvement In the existing institutions, wherever they are, and start new educational institutions with the latest Infrastructure by using modern techniques in education.